The Company offers a service that starts from the concept of the product, comes to the mass production and end with the after sales service. The proactiveness of the Company during the drafting stage of new products specifications by the customer, is one of the point of excellence of our organization.

The development is carried out in co-design so that the key stages are achieved in safety and reliability, ensuring the control of activities and costs during the pre-production phases. The organizational structure of product development is based on the Project Management methodology.

The development of mechanics and electronics (HW & SW) is carried out completely inside the company by a high skilled engineering team.

The use of tools and methodologies such as FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, Design of Experiments, Finished Elements Analysis, Mold Flow Analisys and others, guarantees in advance a compliance with the reference specifications.

Validations and homologation tests are carried out both in internal laboratories, equipped with environmental, vibrational, chemical-physical test chambers, and in external laboratories, for example for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or solar irradiation tests (UV Aging).
The integration of objective and automatic controls in all steps of the assembly process during the industrialization phase of the prodcut, is one of the success factors that allows the monitoring of the quality starting from the early stages of the assembly process of the product.

On the finished product all functional and aesthetical characteristics foreseen by the specifications are checked using e.g. cameras and tactility measuring systems.
The assembly process is carried out, according to production volumes and product types, on automatic lines, semi-automatic lines or equipped benches. The use of “One Piece Flow” lines make it possible to maximise production flexibility in terms of volumes and use of labor, while increasing at the same time the versatility of the operators.

Lean manufacturing techniques such as: 5S, Standard Work, Poka-Yoke, allow to: minimize waste, increase productivity, quality and safety.