Geneva, Salon de l’Auto

Geneva, Salon de l’Auto

Vimercati visited the 88° Salon de L’Auto in Geneva which shows once again the encounter between passion and innovation.

Encounter as meeting between the both expression of Automotive today, but also as contrast between the old school made by engines classified by the quantity of horsepower and the total indifference to the mechanics inspite of driving aid systems or simply entertainment modules.

You might see the Bugatti Chiron Supersport as well as the brand new Zonda Barchetta, and few steps away the small EV concept cars, oriented to the driverless philosophy.

And beside the twin-turbocharged V8 engine of the Koenigsegg Regera (which is however part of a hybrid powertrain) you might see the queue of people who want to enter the cockpit of the Polo to see if it interfaces with the latest smartphone …

In addition to the interiors’ features such as almost complete touch dashboard’s panels (the concept seen on the Audi A8 is now cascaded to the A6 as well) we recognized that a hybrid or EV vehicle rather than a prologue of the autonomous drive can be found in quite each OEM’s stand.

If the both tendencies will be brought as a mass production and will jeopardize (or, better, change) the actual panorama is not yet known, but Vimercati is surely engaged especially in the hybrid and EV field, as charge modules and buttons installed as a user interface to interact with the charge system will be spreaded in the next years.

Stay tuned for the next Autoshow!